Here's what our patients are saying!

"Your personalized touch - from the receptionist to the therapist - is the best I've experienced in my 63 years. Way to go, team!"

"Great to have such competent and friendly people to help me through the toughest time in my life! Balance Mobility was so supportive and really made a difference in my life now and for my future! They helped me work through some really difficult times and now I feel I have the tools to work through these times. Thanks for all that you did for me and in turn for my family!"

"Everyone is so welcoming and nice, like they've known you for years, including the front desk staff! The therapists are very knowledgeable & professional. They are so patient with you while at the same time striving for you to do more. And most of the time--you can! When I leave I feel refreshed! I'm so glad I chose Balance Mobility & Aquatic Center!"

"My therapist made sure that I was doing exercises correctly, not just showing me and walking away."

"My therapist was patient, encouraging, and pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Without him, I would not be where I am today."

"From the day I walked in their office, I was impressed by the attention I received, by how comfortable everyone made me feel... from the reception desk to my therapist."

"Great people, great work! Been going there for both PT and OT for quite some time to help with the side effects of chemo. They do great work!"

"I highly recommend the Balance, Mobility and Aquatic Center to be THE PLACE TO GO! Having been through dead end physical therapy several times at another business, I was delighted to be referred to their very own Postural Restoration Therapist, Justin. In a few short weeks, my quality of life has improved tremendously!"

"Very flexible, professional and friendly staff!"

"Everyone is very kind, helpful, and lots of one on one time with the patient."

"I am treated with respect and caring. The staff is wonderful, especially Sydney. She is great and an exceptional O.T."

"The therapists are very caring people. They help you through a tough situation. They personable and I for one like and need that. I’ve been here several times for different issues. They are the reason I pick Balance and Mobility Hastings. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing. It’s very much appreciated."

"The plan of care that is developed for the patient is well done. Any therapist can step in and provide the necessary treatment, and the patient is well aware of what should happen, no surprises!"

"Customer service is outstanding. Very nice people."

"Really appreciate the structure of my care plan. Every therapist has been very professional and easy to converse with which makes my time very enjoyable. Thanks John and Brian."

"Therapists are knowledgeable and helpful. The premises are clean and pleasant. I would recommend going there for help."

"Staff is always pleasant. Remembers who you are, and goes out of their way to ensure your comfort. Encourages you to exceed what you believe you can do. Works with your schedule and always very accommodating."

"The PTs always explain what muscles and areas all the exercises affect. They keep it lighthearted even though they cause some "pain"!! They all are very knowledgeable about what they're doing."

"Always happy to see me, call me by my name, they know just how to help me get through what I come in for."

"Every team member is very welcoming. I love that there is laughter and humor while patients are working on therapy. I also appreciate that no one is really rushed or pushy if you are late to your appointment."

"We have always felt very comfortable with all of the people at Balance and Mobility. We have been well taken care of. You listen to our needs and provide the care we have needed to get back on out feet."

"You answer my questions and everyone is always supportive and helpful and pleasant to work with."

"Love the facility. No waiting. I come in on my lunch break and nice to know I don't have to wait. Never had physical therapy before and Alyssa made me feel comfortable and is very good."

"Each staff member gives attention to each patient. From the front desk to all the PT & PTA staff - all are friendly and care about each patient. The cooperative team atmosphere is awesome! Everyone is having a good time working together and helping patients."

"Everyone is very kind and friendly. I felt they really knew what I needed to improve my movement."

"No time is wasted! My appointment starts on time and I am being helped the entire appointment. My Therapist is hard working, kind and caring."

"Everyone here is very nice and professional. My issues are taken seriously and are being worked on towards improvement."

"The women who work in the pool area are outstanding! They all genuinely care about their patients, and they work hard to help the patients achieve their goals."

"Patient is treated well and given explanations for doing things so I understand why we do these things. My PT is Tyler and he makes me feel like we can make things better in time and that helps my attitude."

"Love the way they make you feel. They have made me feel better and your staff are wonderful. Thanks for your service."

"Quick help is appreciated! Took time to explain vertigo and treatment! Thank you!"

"I was so impressed by your staff and the care that I received. I was able to get in almost immediately when I had issues with my vertigo. Chelsea gave me excellent care and always explained just what was wrong and how she was going to treat the problem. I was little skeptical at first that therapy could help me resolve my vertigo issues, but after the first treatment, I was hooked! I refer all of my family & friends who have the problem to your facility. I can't sing your praises enough! Again, thank you so much!!!"

"It was easy to work with the receptionist to schedule an appointment. She was friendly and upbeat, as was the atmosphere when I arrived. I did not need to wait long. The Therapist that saw me was friendly, he listened and asked questions in a way that I could understand them. One treatment for a form of vertigo, took care of my problem. Thank You!"

"You pay attention, are polite, show that you care. The receptionist knows my name. The staff that I come into contact with are just great. I am not a long distance driver, however, these long trips to GI are getting easier. It is kind of a therapy as far as driving long distance and driving in a larger unknown city for me. So this is also a therapy for my depression as well. The staff has been GREAT! I'm so glad I opted to come to GI rather than the convenience of staying home and being unhappy with therapy that I had experienced before. This is so well worth my time and effort in SO many ways. Thank You!!"

"You acknowledge your clients respectfully and promptly and do thorough assessment and treatment in a courteous and comfort setting."